Application Of Shot Peening & Blasting

  • There are numerous applications of cut wires shot to "clean" metallic pieces :
    · in foundries, for the de-sanding and cleaning of pieces.
    · in the steel industry for the de-scaling of sheet metal, billets, profiles.
    · in metal construction, for the preparation of surfaces before painting or metallization.
    · shot peening, or prestressed abrasives, the shot demonstrates more efficiency and innovation again.

    Indeed, this process strengthens the subject pieces (springs or gear-boxes) considerably as they are subjected to intense fatigue, and gives a good cost/performance ratio!

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  • What are the advantages of cut wire shot abrasives?
    Abrasives have made great advances in surface treatment :

    Cleanliness - Environment :
    Shot blasting is a mechanical process carried out in an enclosed place so it does not generate any risk of environmental pollution. The abrasive is used several times as it is recycled. · Simplicity and mastery of the process : It works in a very simple way and is therefore quickly in use: the implementation can start as soon as the hose is connected. Technically the projection controls itself easily. Once the parameters of the operation (speed, angle of projection, time of shot blasting...) are defined, the reproducibility is perfect.

    Security :
    Shot Blasting is practically an operation without risk to the operators and presents no danger to the environment.

    Cost Efficiency:
    Economic, shot blasting combines efficiency with cost control. Thanks to a good assessment of requirements and how to implement, the result obtained is without surprise. The surface preparation is uniform on the whole piece from the first treatment, thus avoiding waste and loss of time.
    The cleaning of metallic pieces and their surface preparation prior to coating or for appearance. The pieces are blasted with steel abrasives in machines that are specially designed for this propose.
    Granite cutting into fine slices: grit particles are used as it were as gangsaw teeth
    The enhanced performance, by work hardening, of pieces working under fatigue (springs, gears ...)
    performance, by work hardening, of pieces working under fatigue (springs, gears...) Ballast

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